The financial year ended 31 March 2015 saw the Group recording a profit before tax of RM41.2 million. While the previous year’s profit before tax of RM153.7 million was contributed largely by the disposal of our associate Kesas Holdings Berhad, the Group this year had experienced a more balanced contribution from its business segments. Revenue grew 2% while gross profit margin improved by 9% due to the launch of higher margin property projects. The Malaysia Properties and Others segment contributed a profit before tax of RM32.8 million from our Sibu Jaya development and sale of an associate while the Overseas Properties segment saw contribution of RM7.9 million from Baker Street and NEO Bankside projects in London. As at 31 March 2015, AMPROP’s net asset per share stood at RM1.41.
We remain focused on our strategy of properties, overseas and in Malaysia while building up a sustainable capacity in renewable energy. We will continue to seek higher returns for our shareholders by actively engaging with strategic partners in developed and transparent global property markets with strong legal framework.
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