Board of Directors

sba 2017
Non-Independent Non-Executive Chairman

Puan Shalina Azman, a Malaysian, female, aged 50, was appointed to the Board as Deputy Chairman on 30 July 2007 and was later redesignated Non-Executive Chairman on 31 October 2014.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration majoring in Finance and Economics from Chapman University in California and in 1993, she obtained her Masters in Business Administration from University of Hull in United Kingdom.

Puan Shalina first gained invaluable experience in the media industry when she was a Business Development Officer with RCE Capital Berhad (“RCE”) in 1990. From 1995 to 1999, she was with Amcorp Group Berhad (“Amcorp”) as Senior Manager, Corporate Planning. In January 2000, she re-joined RCE as the Executive Director and became the Managing Director on 1 September 2000. She held the position until 31 July 2002, prior to assuming her current appointment as Deputy Managing Director of Amcorp.

Apart from Amcorp, Puan Shalina also sits on the Board of RCE.

Independent Director 

Tan Sri Dato’ Chen Wing Sum, a Malaysian, male, aged 85, has been a Director of the Company from 8 August 1997 to 8 December 2000. He resigned from the Board when he was elected President of the Senate and on 29 May 2003, he was re-appointed as Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company following his retirement as President of the Senate.

Tan Sri Dato’ Chen is by profession, an advocate and solicitor. He read law in Lincoln’s Inn, London and now serves as Consultant to Messrs Michael Chen & Co. He also read Philosophy and Education in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

He has been involved in politics and Government service since 1964 and has served as member of Parliament from 1964 to 1986 and member of the Senate from 1997 to 2003. He has also served as Parliamentary Secretary, Secretary General of Alliance, Minister with Special Function, Vice-President of MCA, Deputy President of MCA, Minister of Housing, Local Government and New Village, Treasurer General of Barisan Nasional, Deputy President of the Senate and President of the Senate during his tenure as member of Parliament and the Senate.

He has held positions of Chairman and Director in various corporations during 1972 to 2000. He also has vast experience in international affairs and during his term of office as President of the Senate, he had officially visited Japan, China, Middle East and Latin America.

Tan Sri Dato’ Chen is also the Deputy Chairman of Malaysian South-South Corporation Berhad.

Independent Director 

Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, a Malaysian, male, aged 70, was appointed to the Board on 1 March 2004.

Tan Sri Lee worked as a temporary school teacher after completing his secondary education at St. Michael’s Institution, Ipoh and later became a trade unionist. He was elected State Legislative Assemblyman for Bukit Nanas, Selangor from 1969 to 1974 and served as a Member of Parliament for Bandar Kuala Lumpur/Bukit Bintang from 1974 to 1990. Following his retirement from politics in 1990, he continued to do public service by contributing actively in the social arena.

He was the Chairman of the National Services Training Council, member of the Malaysian Human Rights Commission from 2000 to 2002 and member of the Special Royal Commission to enhance the operation and management of the Royal Malaysian Police from February 2004 till May 2005.

Tan Sri Lee is presently the Chairman of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) under the Ministry of Human Resources and the Senior Vice Chairman of the Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation. He was previously the Deputy Chairman of the National Unity Consultative Council. He also serves as Chairman and member of Board of Trustees of various foundations and charitable organisations.

Tan Sri Lee also sits on the Board of Eco World Development Group Berhad and The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad.


Nawawi 2017
Independent Director 

Dato’ Che  Md Nawawi bin Ismail, a Malaysian, male, aged 67, was appointed to the
Board on 30 July 2007.

Dato’ Nawawi holds a Bachelor of Laws from the International Islamic University of Malaysia and practiced as an advocate and solicitor in a legal firm between 1990 and 1991.

Dato’ Nawawi was the Deputy Commissioner of Police of the Malaysian Police Force until his retirement in February 2006.

He had held several key positions during his 36 years of service with the Malaysian Police Force including the position of Head of Criminal Investigation Department in the State of Sabah and Perlis, OCPD Cheras, Deputy Director, Commercial Crime Division and Deputy Director, Criminal Investigation Department in Bukit Aman.

Dato’ Nawawi also sits on the Board of RCE Capital Berhad.

P'ng 2017
Independent Director 


Mr. P’ng Soo Theng, a Malaysian, male, aged 62, was appointed to the Board on 1 June 2010.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Valuation and Estate Management from the University of the West of England (formerly known as Bristol Polytechnic). Mr. P’ng is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (RISM) and Association of Valuers, Property Managers, Estate Agents and Property Consultants in the Private Sector Malaysia (PEPS).

Mr. P’ng joined Messrs C H Williams Talhar & Wong (now rebranded as CBRE | WTW), one of Malaysia’s leading real estate professional firms in 1981 and had held several senior positions until his redesignation where he serves as a Consultant of the firm. He was made Partner and Director of the firm in 1989 and Senior Executive Director in 2004 and his forte included undertaking consulting appointments and business development for the firm. Mr. P’ng was involved in the valuation exercise for the listing of several Real Estate Investment Trust companies as well as the sale, structuring, acquisition and due diligence for several high profile transactions involving hotels, commercial properties and commercial development projects. His prior experience stems from a near three-year stint in the public sector where he rose to the rank of Acting State Director at the Valuation & Property Services Division, Ministry of Finance.

TBP 2017
Independent Director 


Mr. Tan Bun Poo, a Malaysian, male, aged 67, was appointed to the Board on 1 June 2013.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Newcastle, Australia in 1973 and obtained his Chartered Accountancy from Institute of Chartered Accountants, Australia in 1976. He is a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Malaysian Institute of Taxation and a Fellow of Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.

Mr. Tan, a retired Senior Partner with Deloitte has more than 37 years of experience in the audits of both private and public companies including banking, insurance and financial services, construction and property development, manufacturing, retailing (including hypermarkets), engineering, gaming and entertainment, leisure and hospitality, food and distribution and the service industry.

He was also involved in leading assignments related to outsourced internal audits and risk management services, initial public offerings, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and financial due diligence.

He was a council member of the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA) and served as a member in its Accounting & Auditing Technical Committee, Financial Statements Review Committee and Investigation Committee. Mr. Tan is also a board member of the Auditing & Assurance Standards Board, Malaysian Institute of Accountants.

Mr. Tan also sits on the Board of UEM Edgenta Berhad, QL Resources Berhad, RCE Capital Berhad, AmMetLife Takaful Berhad and AmInvestment Bank Berhad.


Kamil 2017
Independent Director



Encik Kamil Ahmad Merican, a Malaysian, male, aged 67, was appointed to the Board on 23 July 2013.

Encik Kamil graduated in architecture from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and the Architectural Association in London. After graduating, he worked with Sir Terry Farrell and Sir Nick Grimshaw in London. In 1976, on his return to Malaysia, he taught in the Faculty of Architecture at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

Encik Kamil is the founding partner of GDP Architects Malaysia (“GDP”), which has gained a reputation as one of Malaysia’s leading design and architecture firms. As GDP’s principal design partner, he has been involved in all the firm’s major projects, some of which have won a number of awards, including 12 from PAM (the Malaysian Institute of Architects), a RIBA award (jointly with Foster + Partners) and the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2007 (for Universiti Teknologi Petronas, also with Foster + Partners).

He has also served as a member of the steering committee for the Greater KL Council since 2010. He remains active in architectural education, serving as an external examiner for both Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and Universiti Malaya. He is also the Adjunct Professor of Faculty of Architecture, Universiti Malaya.

Encik Kamil was a member of the 2013 Master Jury for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture and a recipient of the 2007 Award. He has also been appointed as the Steering Committee Member for the 2016 Aga Khan Award for Architecture.

Encik Kamil also sits on the Board of Eastern & Oriental Berhad and E&O Property Development Berhad.


Azmi 2017
Non-Executive Director

  Encik Azmi Hashim, a Malaysian, male, aged 68, was appointed to the Board on 16 October 1991.

He is an accountant by training and has worked in various professional accounting firms both internationally and locally.

He was the General Manager in Amcorp Properties Berhad and then Managing Director on 16 October 1991, Director/ Adviser on 1 January 1998 and Chief Executive Officer on 1 February 2003.

He was redesignated Executive Chairman on 30 July 2007 and subsequently, Non-Executive Chairman on 1 June 2013.

He relinquished his position as Non-Executive Chairman on 31 October 2014 and remains as Non-Executive Director of the Company.

Encik Azmi also sits on the Board of Sapura Industrial Berhad.


SKW 2017
Non-Executive Director 

Mr. Soo Kim Wai, a Malaysian, male, aged 56, was appointed to the Board on 30 July 2007.

Mr. Soo is a Member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants and Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He is also a Fellow of the Certified Practising Accountant, Australia, and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, United Kingdom.

He joined Amcorp Group Berhad (“Amcorp”) in 1989 as Senior Manager, Finance and has since held various positions. He was appointed as a Director of Amcorp on 13 March 1996 and subsequently as Managing Director on 1 January 1999. Before joining Amcorp, he was in the accounting profession for 5 years with Deloitte KassimChan from 1980 to 1985 and with Plantation Agencies Sdn Bhd from 1985 to 1989.

Apart from Amcorp, his directorships in other public companies include AMMB Holdings Berhad and RCE Capital Berhad. He also sits on the Board of British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and serves as Chairman of Am ARA REIT Managers Sdn Bhd, the Manager of AmFirst Real Estate Investment Trust.

BL 2017
Managing Director 

Mr. Lee Keen Pong, a Malaysian, male, aged 55, was appointed Chief Executive Officer on 30 July 2007 and then to the Board as Executive Director on 19 November 2007. He was promoted to Managing Director on 21 February 2012.

Mr. Lee joined Amcorp Group Berhad (“Amcorp”) in 1991 and has held various positions including Managing Director of Mezzanine Capital (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and was Head of Direct Investment and Property of Amcorp before he was promoted to his current appointment. Prior to that, he has many years of audit and consultancy experience with two international accounting firms, Coopers & Lybrand and KPMG.

Mr. Lee is a Chartered Accountant (Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales) and a Certified Public Accountant (Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants). He has served as co-opted member on the Financial Statements Review Committee of Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants.  

Shahman 2017
Deputy Managing Director

Encik Shahman Azman, a Malaysian, male, aged 42, was appointed to the Board as Non-Independent Non-Executive Director on 2 June 2008. He was redesignated to Executive Director of the Company on 1 June 2010 and promoted to Deputy Managing Director on 21 February 2012.

After graduating from Chapman University, U.S.A. with a Bachelor of Communications, Encik Shahman joined Amcorp Group Berhad (“Amcorp”) in 1996. He was subsequently promoted to General Manager spearheading the Corporate Planning and Strategy portfolio. In 2001, he joined MCM Technologies Berhad, a subsidiary of Amcorp, as General Manager of Corporate Planning and Strategy. His last held position in MCM Technologies Berhad was Chief Investment Officer.

Encik Shahman later joined RCE Capital Berhad as Director of Corporate Affairs on 1 April 2004 and was promoted to Director of Strategic Business Unit on 1 January 2006. He is currently the Non-Executive Chairman of RCE Capital Berhad.

His directorships in other public companies include Amcorp and RCE Capital Berhad.

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