Blue Star M&E Engineering Sdn Bhd (Blue Star) 
A joint-venture between Amcorp Properties Berhad and Blue Star Ltd, India resulted in the formation of Blue Star. This engineering specialist company offers turnkey solutions to meet the mechanical and electrical needs of building services and industrial plants. It has to its credit many large-scale air-conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration installations.

St Regis 
  Blue Star designs, engineers and executes central airconditioning cooling solutions for offices, hospitals, hotels, pharmaceutical facilities and commercial complexes by combining a wide range of chillers with air handling units and fan coil units, integrating them into a total complete system. 

Detailed attention is paid to various processes such as heat load estimation, air distribution, procurement of high quality components and deployment of trained manpower to deliver superior solutions to customers. 

Many commercial complexes and hotels around the Klang Valley in Malaysia relied on Blue Star’s expertise to help them with their cooling solutions.  

AMBC Transmission Sdn Bhd (AMBCT) 
AMBCT is one of the leading contractors capable of handling Substation and Transmission Line projects on a turnkey basis with strong technical reputation in the field of Electrical Power Engineering works, which include Design, Procurement, Construction and Project Management of Substations and Transmission Lines ranging from 11 kV to 500 kV. 

AMBCT have successfully completed more than 100 Substations ranging from 33 kV to 275 kV and over 1,505km of Transmission Line ranging from 132 kV to 500 kV

In the pursuit of international recognition for quality, AMBCT has obtained MS ISO 9001-2000 Quality Certification. This assures clients that AMBCT gives its full commitment to products and services of standards that are acceptable internationally. 

Further, as environment considerations are being emphasized worldwide, AMBCT’s team of experts are constantly exploring new avenues that pursue these responsibilities. 

Besides Malaysia, AMBCT have also completed the construction of electrical substations and related earthworks in Dubai for Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA).


Dubai Project

Amcorp Perting Hydro Sdn Bhd (Amcorp Perting 4MW Mini Hydro Power Plant) 
Amcorp Perting 4MW Mini Hydro Power Plant in Perting River, Bentong, in the state of Pahang was commissioned on 31st December 2009. It is the winner of the prestigious ASEAN Renewable Energy Award. It was also conferred the Silver Award of Merit by The Association of Certified Engineer’s Malaysia (“ACEM). 

The plant generates clean electrical energy in a sustainable manner through optimized utilization of water and contribute to climate change mitigation measures. The mini hydro power plant has an installed capacity of 4.2MW and the electricity generated is sold to Tenaga Nasional Berhad via its Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement (REPPA) for a feed-in-tariff concession period of 21 years. . 

Perting Hydro Power Plant
                          Equipment at the plant

Amcorp Power Sdn Bhd (Amcorp Gemas 10.25MW Solar Power Plant)  
Amcorp Gemas 10.25MW Solar Power Plant is the latest addition to Amcorp Properties Berhad’s renewable energy portfolio. Its 10.25MW solar power farm located in Gemas, in the state of Negeri Sembilan was commissioned in 2013 and is the largest single-site solar power farm in Malaysia. In recognition of this, the Amcorp Gemas 10.25MW Solar Power Plant was presented with a certification by the Malaysia Book of Records for being the largest grid-connected solar farm in Malaysia.

Built on an area spanning 34 acres with over 40,000 solar panels installed, the solar energy produced by Amcorp Power is sold to Tenaga Nasional Berhad via its Renewable Energy Power Puchase Agreement (REPPA) for a feed-in-tariff concession period of 21 years.

Amcorp Gemas 10.25MW solar power farm

Amcorp Gemas 10.25MW solar power plant
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